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At Chomp we aim to be the primary authority and resource for all things solar and offering environmental solutions. We will focus on content that educates and enriches our website visitors. Some content might seem simple, but clearly there will be information and resources on our site that can benefit even a seasoned professional. Our goal is to provide updated and cutting edge information on the latest green technology solutions that can benefit homeowners, building owners, and solar professionals.

Solar electric, new programs such as solar gardens and other projects that companies are working to put together now make it possible for people who live in a forest or an apartment to take advantage of community solar sharing projects. So if you live on a tree farm you can use solar energy and have your trees. If you cannot afford solar energy panels or live in an apartment, you can use solar energy for your home by joining a community solar garden which creates an opportunity for people of every income level to use solar energy, no matter where they live.

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