DIY Sun Tunnel Tips

DIY sun tunnelSun tunnels make perfect lighting in the house. If appropriately installed, then it can illuminate the entire room and help save money on utility bills. Many families have already got them installed. You can also have the sun tunnels in your house and reap the benefit of natural sunlight. Here is a step by step guide for installing tubular skylights.

  1. Select the location of the tunnel. The site of the tunnel should be set where the roof gets the maximum sunlight. You can have reflectors installed in the tunnel for navigating the sunlight to the chosen area or room. Remember, you will be working altogether from the roof to the attics and the room. The room you select to lighten up should not be far from the attic; otherwise, the tunnel may make the room look messy.
  2. Install flashing by cutting the opening on the desired location on the roof. Secure the flashing under roof shingles. And attach the dome to flashing.
  3. Measure the required length of the light pipe and cut it with tin snips. Secure the light pipes with screws and insulation tape.
  4. Use a drywall saw to cut a hole in the ceiling in the desired location of the room that you want to have natural lighting. Attach ceiling collar to the light pipe and attach polycarbonate lenses. Place the diffuser into the trim ring and secure the trim ring into place.

Now, your house is ready to enjoy natural sunlight. The tubular skylight is one addition that you can make in your home and save money. It does not cost much to have them installed and is eco-friendly. Upgrading your house to a tubular skylight can also improve on the aesthetics of the home. It is easy to install, but remember that it is very important to get help from solar professionals to prevent any expensive damage to your roof. 

Benefits of Solar Power for Your Office

solar power for your officeSolar power can significantly cut costs and help save more on electricity for businesses. By using solar power for your office, you can choose to go green and reduce expenditure. There are several benefits that a company can reap by using solar power. Commercial solar has become nearly as prevalent as residential solar, as more and more buildings are built around the world.

Solar power has become the future of energy throughout the world. So whether it is for your home or your office, it would be wise to consider solar energy as your power source. Making the investment will always be a wise financial decision, as you will recover the investment within a few years. It is always best to consult a solar panels contractor to find out more details on the amount of the investment, and how quickly you will realize a return on your investment.

What Can a Licensed Solar Contractor Do For You?

licensed solar contractorAre you planning to get your house powered by solar panel systems? Thinking of doing it by yourself? Well, installing a solar panel system is not an easy DIY project. Skilled solar contractors are licensed to install the panels and ensure their effective working. Although it can be a bit expensive to hire a licensed solar contractor but he can do a lot of things besides installing the solar power system. Let us look at some of the things that a licensed solar contractor can help you with.

1. Solar Installation: Licensed solar contractors have extensive experience in installing high-quality photovoltaic or solar panels. Licensed solar contractors carry the right tools for each project type. Besides, the licensed contractors have extensive knowledge of solar panel systems. They know exactly where the panel should be installed so it can capture maximum solar light and convert it into utility.

Effective Heating Systems for Swimming Pool

Heating Systems for Swimming Pool

Looking for the most cost-effective swimming pool system? You may find it hard to choose the best one among a flood of pool heating systems available in the market. So, here we are to help you keep the swimming pool water warm throughout the winter or anytime you want to take a dip in a relaxing warm pool all year long.

1. Solar Heating System: Solar pool heating systems are one of the best heating systems that you may come across for its efficiency and capability to reduce utility consumption. A solar pool heater is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. The solar heater works by pumping the pool water to the solar collector where water is warmed by the sun and then it’s released back to the pool. With a solar pool heater installed at your place, you can relax in the swimming in winter without worrying about the utility bills.

2. Pool heating pumps: There are also mechanical pumps that can keep the water warm to swim. But, they may cost a lot as they consume a lot of energy and are difficult to maintain. The best part of the mechanical pumps is that they can maintain the desired temperature of swimming pool water for a longer duration.

3. Solar Mats: If you do not want to go for heavy installation of solar panels and pumps, you can opt for solar mats. These solar mats are commonly used to heat small swimming pools that are taken down in the winter. In a pool heating system based on EDPM or solar mats, the water is pumped through the mats. There it is heated by the sun. The sun causes the solar mats to become warm. The mats then transfer the heat to the pool water.

 The aforementioned are some of the best devices that can keep the water of swimming pool warm throughout the winter.    

Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

The solar power system has proven to be an effective alternative to traditional utility. The system operates by trapping the heat from the sun rays and converting the same into utility. The utility thus generated is stored by the panel at night or during cloudy days. This ensures the effective working of the solar panels at night. However, it is important for you to understand that for solar panels to work at night, you must have a storage system for the solar power the panels managed to absorb throughout the day. Ask your solar contractor about solar batteries, which are used to store the excess energy.

solar panels night

Still, it is crucial to know as to how solar panels work when there is no sunshine for an entire day. There are primarily two ways of using solar panels when it is not sunny outside. Net metering and solar-plus-storage technology enable the solar panels to access power at night, either via connection to a battery or the battery grid.

Net metering, however, has turned up as an excellent investment for many homes. A solar panel connected to the net metering system sends extra utility or energy, thus produced to the grid. The utility then compensates for the excess power with credits that are added to your electricity bill. In short, the extra utility created by the solar panels of your house compensates you on the invoice of the traditional electricity, thus consumed by the house over time.

Net metering also implies a steady connection to the tradition utility, especially during seasonal variations that may occur due to climate change or any technical fault. Nevertheless, the net metering system is not available everywhere in the US. You may have to contact your solar panel contractor to know its viability in your area.

Solar batteries are very reliable when you want to store power from your solar panels that you were not able to use throughout the day. These batteries can store enough energy, depending on its capacity, so that you have the power to use, without using your traditional utility, at night and on cloudy days.