Effective Heating Systems for Swimming Pool

Heating Systems for Swimming Pool

Looking for the most cost-effective swimming pool system? You may find it hard to choose the best one among a flood of pool heating systems available in the market. So, here we are to help you keep the swimming pool water warm throughout the winter or anytime you want to take a dip in a relaxing warm pool all year long.

1. Solar Heating System: Solar pool heating systems are one of the best heating systems that you may come across for its efficiency and capability to reduce utility consumption. A solar pool heater is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. The solar heater works by pumping the pool water to the solar collector where water is warmed by the sun and then it’s released back to the pool. With a solar pool heater installed at your place, you can relax in the swimming in winter without worrying about the utility bills.

2. Pool heating pumps: There are also mechanical pumps that can keep the water warm to swim. But, they may cost a lot as they consume a lot of energy and are difficult to maintain. The best part of the mechanical pumps is that they can maintain the desired temperature of swimming pool water for a longer duration.

3. Solar Mats: If you do not want to go for heavy installation of solar panels and pumps, you can opt for solar mats. These solar mats are commonly used to heat small swimming pools that are taken down in the winter. In a pool heating system based on EDPM or solar mats, the water is pumped through the mats. There it is heated by the sun. The sun causes the solar mats to become warm. The mats then transfer the heat to the pool water.

 The aforementioned are some of the best devices that can keep the water of swimming pool warm throughout the winter.