Solar AC

We all love our air conditioners, but it takes a lot of power to keep them going, as we know from our electricity bills. There’s an environmental cost too. Every year in the summer as the air conditioners switch on, the power grid strains to keep up. Cooling isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s an essential.

Imagine if we start using solar energy (the heat) to keep the room cool! This new cooling technique will not only save a ton of energy, there are other benefits. It will work without a lot of moving parts, which means a lot less to break down. It will also be almost noiseless. The noise you hear from most air conditioners is from the compressor, and the new unit won’t have one. It will even be able to work without producing harmful byproducts.

Here is a very simple explanation of how the new solar powered AC will work:

  • Heat from the sun is used to warm water.
  • As the water warms up, it starts to evaporate faster.
  • The airborne water molecules are pumped to a cooling area, where they are exposed to a specially coated surface. The surface encourages the gas to cling, where it liquefies very quickly and cools down.
  • The cooled water is circulated back to the heating chamber to be reused.

A solar-powered AC unit lessens the dependency on an already stressed grid, reduces cost, decreases power outages, and oh yea, let’s not forget the many environmental benefits like reducing greenhouse gases. There are two different types of solar AC units; chillers and hybrids.

Solar-powered evaporative coolers, otherwise known as absorption chillers, cool and heat water through condensation and evaporation. They reduce air temperature by passing it across a saturated material. The motor and fan are powered by solar energy.

As with anything else, there are minuses for every plus, at least to some extent. For people looking to use a greener option for their home cooling needs, solar-powered chillers are a great choice since they use far less energy. However, it will increase your water usage. Overall, it is a net positive as it is good for the environment and will reduce your energy consumption.

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