Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic FanMany homeowners recognize the need for insulation for their attics to reduce energy costs and to add to the overall comfort of their home. However, many do not realize that in order for these insulations to work more efficiently, attic fans are necessary. Some opt to just use attic vents instead because they feel like an attic fan would just add to their energy bill. But there’s a solution available — solar attic fans.

Solar attic fans are fast gaining popularity among property owners nowadays because it is easy to install, maintenance-free, and wouldn’t add to the energy bill at all. Here are some of the best advantages of solar attic fans:

Free and Clean Energy

Because its power source is sunlight, which is absolutely free, operating a solar attic fan is completely free. It doesn’t add to your carbon footprint too because solar energy is clean energy.

Prevents Roof Damage

When it’s very hot and humid during the summer or too cool during the winter, the temperature imbalance can damage not only your existing insulation but your roof as well. Roof repairs especially replacements are very costly. With a solar attic fan assisting in regulating the temperature, damages to the rood can be prevented.

Silent Operation

Another great benefit of solar attic fans is that it’s very silent to operate. Other attic fans are quite noisy and may even keep you up at night. You won’t have to deal with this problem when you use one that’s powered by solar energy.

While solar attic fans are readily available on the market and can possibly be installed DIY, it is still best to call an expert solar energy contractor. To ensure its efficiency and effectiveness, reaching out to solar energy professionals would be your best choice.

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