Solar Roofing Tiles

Solar roof tiles are not a new product being introduced in the market. They were categorized as BIPV and are available for many years in the market. The earlier experience of many people was not so good while using solar roof tiles.  They had been considered as expensive, inefficient and a dangerous solar product which is prone to fire.

The traditional solar panels are always fixed at a certain distance away from your roof. Generally, electricity generates heat which can cause damage to electrical wires and catch fire easily. Any smaller inefficiency or mistake can cost you money and risk to your property.

Solar roof tiles are expected to replace the roofing material for your home. Each of the tiles will have a wire coming out of it to connect power source. Now, home roofing is something which should always be done with the help of a good experienced professional, but in solar roof tiles, it will predominantly be done by the electrician and solar experts, who might not know anything about house roofing.

Solar roof tiles are expensive to purchase as well as to maintain.  Minor defects or damages of traditional roofing material can easily be replaced at a minimal cost, but for solar roof tiles, you will be required to hire an expert to fix smaller defects.  Solar roof tiles will be more costly than the traditional roofing material.

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